• HHSD Special Olympics


    Welcome to the Hatboro-Horsham School District Special Olympics Track and Field Day 2022 page!  It is an honor to be holding this event for our 5th year and we look forward to hosting the following districts:



    Upper Moreland

    Lower Moreland Upper Dublin

    Lower Merion

    Upper Merion Jenkintown








    There is a lot of information needed so this event can run smoothly.  Please adhere to all deadlines and instructions.  Make sure that you bookmark this website and whitelist our email address, specialolympics@hatboro-horsham.org , so that you can keep up to date with all the important due dates, documents and details.


    Procedures for 2021/2022

    • Each teacher participating, must complete a letter of intent.  The link will be provided to district special ed supervisors and directors.  Once the form is completed, we will check athlete medicals.  The letter of intent due date is Friday, January 21, 2021. Once we receive a letter of intent, you will be contacted in the event that there is missing or expired information.  Please do not share the spreadsheet with parents or students.
    • Remember, athlete medicals are good for three years. Any medicals dated before May 27, 2019, are expired and not acceptable for this event. Please utilize the medical checklist prior to sending to us any medical forms.  We cannot accept incomplete or expired forms.
    • If you have new teachers or classrooms in your district, please share this site with them. While we welcome new participants, it greatly complicates things when they are added after the due date for the letter of intent.
    • We are eager to bring back some of the elements you love about the Special Olympics at Hatboro-Horsham and to bring some new components to make our event even better!
    • Unless otherwise notes, all paperwork for Special Olympics can be emailed to specialolympics@hatboro-horsham.org.
    • Feel free to send completed paperwork prior to the due date.
    • While we want all of you to feel welcome at HHSD, please realize we cannot provide all materials the athletes will need.  Please bring the following materials if any of your students require them: 
      • Gloves
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Disinfectant
      • Sunblock
      • Changing mat/paper
      • Straws
      • Special eating utensils
    • Home district coaches/teachers should be the direct contact for parents regarding questions for Special Olympics
    • Please keep copies of everything you send.
    • On this website, you will find all necessary dates, documents and forms with the exception of the initial letter of intent.

    Registration Forms

    A link to the registration form is located on our website under forms on the ribbon to the the left.  Each athlete will need to have a completed registration form submitted by Friday, February 11, 2022.  All sections of the form must be completed. Athletes may complete in up to three events.  Only students with a physical handicap may participate in PH races, Tennis ball throw, hit and release and wheelchair races. Please refer to the “PH Event Rules” and “Event Rules” for more details.

    Practice Attendance Sheets

    All athletes must participate in 8 practices per season with their teacher/coach.  Each class must have a practice attendance sheet on file with the county.  Please keep copies for your records and mail this form to:



    980 Harvest Drive

    Suite 203

    Blue Bell, PA 19422




    Registration Sheet Corrections

    We will email your supervising coach/teacher the registration spreadsheet for your athletes as soon as we have processed all of the forms.  Please review it closely for accuracy.  Kindly look over each student for each event.  If there are errors, questions, or concerns, make sure you let us know by the due date.  We will be using the spreadsheet to develop heats and determine how many partners will be needed accuracy will be key.


    When requested, Hatboro-Horsham will provide a trained volunteer buddy for athletes. Buddies are anticipated to be high school students. Should an athlete require extensive behavioral and/or medical support, the home school must provide an adult staff member. 

    Accommodations at HHSD

    Each district will have a designated spot in the bleachers.  We hope to provide cooling stations and shade for the event. In addition, schools may bring pop up tents.  Please follow district directions as to placement of such equipment.

    Restrooms are available at our stadium.

    Lunch will be provided to student athletes free of charge and must be preordered. More information will follow. We ask that staff and adults purchase their lunches or bring their meal with them.



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