Educational Technology

  • Mission Statement

    The Keith Valley Middle School believes that technology should be an integral and integrated component of the educational process and curricular program. With an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, authentic, real-world, engaging learning is facilitated. All learners gain essential skills that extend beyond the content and foster lifelong growth. Keith Valley Middle School is committed to providing all students with the technical concepts, processes, and skills needed to be contributing, productive citizens and thrive in our changing society.

    1:1 Program


    Coding and Design Course

    In this course students learn about computer science, coding and the Engineering design process. They learn how computers work and code using Scratch, Khan Academy and other programming applications. They also explore Virtual Reality, 3D printing, small robots and drones and use web resources and their imagination to be designers and creators of technology!

    By the end of the course students will be able to:  

    • Identify computers and explain the basic components
    • Define binary, bits and bytes (the language of the computer)
    • Write algorithms 
    • Code games, stories and music
    • Capture and edit video
    • Design and print 3D objects
    • Operate and program small robots
    • Build and program a drone
    • Experience and create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    • Demonstrate Digital Intelligence online
    • Understand how Computer Science helps solve problems!