What is Post-Secondary?

  •  Most people think of colleges and universities when thinking of post-secondary education. However, there are many post-secondary options available!

    • Local community colleges 
    • Public and private colleges/ universities
    • Trade schools are another post-secondary option. These are specialized schools that teach a trade and can include beauty schools, mechanical and technical schools, fire and police academies, hospital-based nursing programs, and culinary schools. These institutions primarily offer certificate and licensure type programs and prepare students for state licensure certifications and exams, 

    Our Post-Secondary Fair offers more than just education options. Take a look at the video below! 

    Hatboro-Horsham High School
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    If you would like to learn more about your post-secondary options you can always attend the post-secondary fair! One is in the Fall during HATS and another takes place in the Spring at night. 

    Fall College Fair: TBA