• This page will not update after the 2021-22 school year concludes on June 16, 2022. If needed, the dashboard will resume updates when school resumes in September.

    This dashboard will be updated daily on school days. This page is our mechanism for reporting COVID-19 cases in our schools to our community. We will periodically review our practices regarding updates to the data on this page to ensure that this information remains relevant to communicating the spread of COVID-19 within our community. During periods of high transmission, there may be a lag on the first school day of the week as new cases from the weekend are reported. This can make cases seem lower than the actual counts at the beginning of the school week.

  • 2021- 2022 HHSD COVID 19 Dashboard

  • We will continue to consult with the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) when we become aware of cases. Building case counts will be considered by MCOPH within the context of contact tracing and how transmission is occurring in school and within our community before determining best actions for mitigation

    Explanation of Dashboard Metrics:

    Active District Positive Cases: This displays only the positive COVID-19 cases reported by staff or studentsA positive case is defined as a confirmed positive or probable positive who was on-site during the infectious period (defined as within two days of the onset of symptoms). It does not include positive cases by staff or students working remotely, positive cases reported by members of our community who were already in quarantine as close contacts, or other cases where individuals have been determined non-infectious when last onsite. Because many district employees are not assigned to a building, the total active cases may not equal the sum of the active positive counts by building.

    Total in Quarantine Today: This provides a measure of all students and staff that have been directed to quarantine. While positive cases are included in this count, so are any students or staff members directed to quarantine because of close contact to someone who has tested positive, those awaiting test results, or other COVID related circumstances where isolation or quarantine have been directed. When individuals conclude their period of quarantine and are cleared to return to school, they are removed from this count. Many of these numbers are positive cases but some are people in quarantine as close contacts or for other reasons.

    New Quarantines by Day: This provides an indicator of the number of COVID-19 related cases and quarantines that were reported to the district each day. These are displayed as the date the quarantine started. As we sometimes receive information in the days after a quarantine period has started, the numbers for each day can fluctuate as records are added or updated over time. Positive cases are a subset of the quarantine count. Many of these are positive cases.

    Active Positive Count by Building: These are school-specific counts of positive COVID-19 cases. These represent positive student or staff cases for individuals who have been onsite at the school and who are now isolating as active positive cases.