You can now pay the class activity fee electronically through the CheddarUp payment site below. Class fees provide students free admission to all athletic events when you present your card(non-playoff games/tournaments), discounts on school dances, class t-shirts, etc. You can cut and paste the link associated with your child's class fee. CLASS ACTIVITY FEES ARE DUE BY OCTOBER 22, 2021.


    Class of 2025 (9th grade) - $30.00 activity fee

    • my.cheddarup.com/c/class-of-2025-student-activity-fee

    Class of 2024 (10th grade) - $40.00 activity fee

    • my.cheddarup.com/c/class-of-2024-student-activity-fees

    Class of 2023 (11th grade) - $50.00 activity fee

    • my.cheddarup.com/c/class-of-2023-student-activity-fees

    Class of 2022 (12th grade) - $75.00 activity fee

    • my.cheddarup.com/c/class-of-2022-student-activity-fees


    *If you are paying by check, you can bring those fees to the main office in an envelope with your child’s full name and grade*